Founded in 1995 from a core of Technicians with imported technology from the USA, Swiss and Europe, we have became a specialized service center for Thermal Spray Solutions with a team of over 50 professionals today. We have improved our services to meet customer needs, handle their unique applications and to always stay updated with the latest in Thermal Spray Technology. At Teknokraftindo Asia, everyone becomes involved in understanding customer’s problems and developing the best solution. Our Technology and resources are dedicated to providing customers with innovative, reliable products and best quality service.

Teknokraft’s Mission

To satisfy customers with high quality, value and service
To strengthen our position as the recognized leader for high quality
To grow our company by helping Indonesian Industries save money by reducing manufacturing downtime, and eliminating the high costs of replacement parts Surface Technology and Wear Control Technology of rotating equipment
To assist local and international high volume component manufacturers in integrating Thermal Spray Technology into their product
To be a company that employees are proud to be part of

Teknokraft’s Market Focus

  • Mining

  • Aviation, Gas Turbine

  • Pulp and Paper

  • Oil and Gas

  • Printing

  • Automotive OEM

  • General Industry

  • Petrochemical

Our Advanced and Powerful coating equipment

* HVOF (High Velocity Oxygen Fuel)
* Plasma Transferred Arc
* Arc Metal Spray
* Rokide Ceramic spray
* Tungsten Carbides Spray and Fuse
* Flame Spray
* GEM and 3M Superfinishing, Diamond Grinding