552L High Pressure Non-Refillable Cylinder

552L High Pressure Non-Refillable Cylinder

The 552L High Pressure steel cylinder can be used for all non-corrosive gases including all hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, oxygen or refrigerants.

The light weight cylinder can be used with our GCBP-552 back pack and regulator assembly to provide 552 litres of gas for fixed system calibration of CH4 sensors in oil/gas facilities, CO sensors in car parks or multiple gas mixtures for underground coal mines applications.


Gas Capacity: 552 litres

Service Pressure: 138bar(2000psi)

-Heights: 100mm x 508mm
-Weight: 6kg

Material: Steel cylinder with CGA valve

Standards: NIST DOT 8990NRC

-Specialty Gas/High Pressure Regulators
-Fixed Flow Regulator (FF-200 (https://www.cacgas.com.au/ff-200-fixed-flow-regulator))
-On-Demand Flow Regulator (ODFR-2001 (https://www.cacgas.com.au/odfr-2000-high-pressure-regulators))
-Vari-flow regulator (VAF-200-5-0 (https://www.cacgas.com.au/vaf-200-variable-flow-high-pressure-regulators))

Mixture Tolerances:
-Certified to the following analytical tolerance:
-2-20ppm = +/- 10%
-21- 50ppm = +/- 5%
=51-300ppm = +/- 2%