2AL High Pressure Cylinder

2AL High Pressure Cylinder

The 2AL High Pressure Cylinder aluminium has a 300 litre gas capacity. The cylinder can be used with all non-corrosive such as CO, CO2, O2, Zero Air and N2. Hydrogen Sulphide single gas and H2S in multi-gas blends are available, as is Ammonia (NH3) in a single gas binary mixture.

Smaller in size (41cm x 10cm) than other high pressure cylinders, the 2AL will be beneficial for customers using bump test stations or docking stations in small work areas. Capable of being mounted on a wall (2.9kg), the 2AL gives more than 5 times the gas volume of a 58 litre cylinder.


Gas Capacity:
Water Volume 2 Litres
Gas Volume 300 Litres

Service Pressure:
150 bar

-Height: 410mm, Diameter 100mm
-Weight: 2.9 kg

Material: Aluminium

Cylinder Valves:
BS, CGA, as required

Gases are traceable to NPL gas standards.