TOC-750 Series

TOC-750 Series
TOC-750 Series
TOC-750 Series
TOC-750 Series

With over 400 hazardous gases and vapours monitored, The Tocsin 750 Series addressable gas detectors provide a flexible future proof system for your gas detection requirements.

With 2-Wire Addressable Control Panels protocol allows the 750 series to communicate over the detector power cables. In addition to this there is no specific polarity for cable connections, meaning which dramatically speeds up installs and reduces human errors when cabling. This is because you do not have to think about the wiring and terminations.

Each 750 Series Gas detectors has multiple input and output options, as well as being a gas detector. This makes adding signalling or control functions to the system very simple. Cable a beacon sounder to the nearest available detector or add control for a solenoid valve. Not to mention you can control a range of third party devices of one detector node.

Use the additional ports on the detectors to read in other analogue 4-20mA signals, pressure, flow, temperature. If its a 4-20mA signal then you can read it into the detector and then set alarms against it in just the same way as the gas detectors. In addition two controller versions are available with a comprehensive range of interfaces .


Power : 12 to 26V

Construction : ABS

I/O :

  • 1 Off SPCO Relays 4A/230V AC Non-Inductuve User Configurable from 650/750 Controllers
  • 2 Multifunction ports as: -Digital input Max 0.2Hz
  • Digital input 0-3V Max 0.2Hz
  • 4-20mA input or Solid state output 24V DC Max 300mA shared Across bth ports
    -Input from TOC-10 link Function


  • Direct Pellistor Interface
  • Input for IGD Toxic, Oxygen, Infre red and PID detectors

Communication: IGD Sentinel + Protocol, 2 Wire Connection A, B

Temperature: 0 to 55 Deg C

Humidity: 0-95% RH Non-Condensing

IP: IP55

Weight: 1.75Kg