2-Wire Gas Detection System

2-Wire Gas Detection System
2-Wire Gas Detection System
2-Wire Gas Detection System
2-Wire Gas Detection System

2-wire gas detection system is the latest in gas detection technology from International Gas Detectors (IGD). 2-wire gas detection system provides maximum flexibility during install and for future expansion.

2-Wire Gas Detection System controllers offer best value for money and performance. With up to 350 channels available 2-wire controllers are truly ground breaking! Communication is possible up to 3000M.

2-Wire Gas Detection System colour LCD display and jog wheel interface is ideal for simpler systems or where minimal intervention is required. Not to mention, a full colour touch screen option with visually stunning graphics presents information in an easily understood format. Either display can be plugged into the hub card allowing an easy upgrade path from one system to the other. The hub will support both displays at the same time allowing the colour touch screen to be remote from the controller by up to 1000M. This allows for configuration of a remote display.

Site time is expensive so IGD’s app based service tools let you interrogate, setup, diagnose, calibrate and save data without resorting to pen and paper. Email data straight from the app to seamlessly record calibration and setup data or download recorded events. Download our range of apps from the Google Play Store.

2-wire Gas Detection allows you to cascade them in a master slave network of up to 9 units. This puts control units where you need them whilst maintaining an overall master controller. This enables easy integration into other management systems using the controllers Modbus interface.


Power :

  • 150W PSU @ 110V AC Nominal (88 to 127 V AC
    50/60Hz by selection)
  • 150W PSU @ 230VAC Nominal (190 to 260V AC
    50/60Hz by selection)
  • 300W PSU (88 to 260V AC 50/60Hz by selection) 24V DC Option

Construction : Wall Mount Units ABS, Rack Units Al Alloy

Display: 260K Colour 7” 800×480 Touch with LED backlight

User: Full Touch Interface (Security USB Key Option)

IP: IP54

Mounting: Wall Mount and Rack Mount Options

Weight: 1.75Kg

Temperature: -5 to 40 Deg C Full Specification. To 55 Deg C DeRate PSU by 15%

Humidity: 0-95% RH Non-Condensing


    • 3 off SPCO Relays 4A Non-Inductive User
    • 1 off Fault Relay SPCO Relays 4A Non-Inductive
    • 1 off Solid State Beacon Sounder Output
    • Additional Digital Inputs/Relay Outputs Can Be

added To Highways if Required

I/O :

  • Sounder 80dB @ 100mm (Mutable)
  • 2 off RS485 Ports Modbus
  • Dedicated E-Stop/Slam Switch Input
  • Dedicated Fire System Interlock
  • Ethernet Port
  • USB


  • Up to 128 off Addressable Series Detectors or I/O modules Over 4 Addressable Highways
  • Additional Highways Possible With Additional Hub Cards
  • Note external Booster PSU may be required