Medical Gas Detection

Many modern Doctors Surgeries, Dental Practices and Cosmetic Surgeries offer on site procedures away from hospitals. Many of these procedures use Nitrous Oxide (N2O) as an anesthesia gas or liquid Nitrogen as a freezing agent. Both can cause problems if they are not carefully monitored and controlled.

Teknokraft offer pre-calibrated and pre-wired modular systems that can be quickly fitted to provide protection. Systems can be scaled to suit the application or can have options added as requirements grow. The TOC-640 range from IGD are ideally suited to these applications. For a simple Medical Gas Detection system, where liquid Nitrogen is used in an area a pre-wired TOC-640 fitted with an Oxygen sensor to monitor for any Oxygen deletion is an effective cost effective solution. These systems ship pre-wired with a mains plug and pre-configured allowing the used to plug in and use out of the box. If the requirement expands then further detectors can be added.