Marine Gas Detection

Pleasure craft and small commercial boats typically use LPG as a fuel gas for cooking and heating. Whilst it is a convenient fuel it is heavier than air gas so any leaks will accumulate inside the boat quickly forming explosive mixtures with the surrounding air. During cooking and with open flue heaters Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) can quickly build to dangerous levels. It is imperative to ensure the effective monitoring of these gases for the safety of that on-board.

TOC-10+ is a 12V DC powered LPG gas detector which is IP rated for wet environments. TOC-10+ provides an effective detection solution and can be deployed as an alarm only, stand-alone or networked with other detectors. TOC-10+ can be integrated using its onboard relays to provide gas shut off in the event of leaks.

For a more comprehensive solution IGD supply TOC-640 series controllers, Pre-fitted and configured with CO detection and external plug, and play LPG detectors. Using this system an effective monitoring solution can be scaled to fit the vessel in question. The controller bulkhead mounts with mains or DC power options.