Typically in horticulture applications CO2 is used in elevated concentrations to promote plant growth and development. Carbon Dioxide is a basis for almost all life on earth. As a raw material CO2 is used by plants to construct the organic matter to form their tissues and structures. For this reason increasing CO2 levels artificially helps plants grow better. Typically doubling the CO2 level normally present in the atmosphere from 400ppm to 800ppm will increase herbaceous plant growth by about 30%. For woody species this increases by 50%. So clearly it is in growers interests to grow in elevated CO2 atmospheres.

Teknokraftindo Asia product are uniquely placed to provide addressable O2 detection. This allows up to 32 devices (typically in this case CO2 detectors) to run from one common cable (highway). When linked to one of our range of addressable controllers this allows precise control, in and out of band for the CO2 level. At the same time Oxygen levels can be monitored as well as temperature and humidity. All addressable and all back to the same controller for a neat system solution.