Gas Detection for Room Air Quality

As humans breathe they produce Carbon Dioxide that results in challenges for ventilation in buildings to ensure the good breathing air quality. Normal background levels of CO2 are around 400ppm (Parts Per Million). In populated rooms CO2 levels can quickly rise above this level if action to ventilate is inadequate. As CO2 levels in a room rise beyond 1000ppm then people working there will start to suffer drowsiness, headaches or loss of concentration. Whilst not immediately life-threatening levels between 1000-5000ppm will result in an uncomfortable environment with poor air quality and contribute significantly to ‘sick building syndrome’.

Building Bulletin 100 addresses this issue for teaching establishments by setting an upper limit on CO2 at 1000ppm.

TOC-20 from IGD is specifically targeted at room air quality measuring CO2, Temperature and Humidity levels. TOC-20 can be used as a stand-alone system for simple applications or integrated into a wider building management system. TOC-20 is equipped with analogue signal outputs, addressable communications and relay outputs. With its RGB LCD display and built in sounder TOC-20 covers all requirements from simple single room stand alone application through to fully networked systems.