iAssign Accessories
iAssign Accessories

Gas detectors record basic information about gas hazards, but they don’t help you understand who was exposed and where. iAssign® Beacons continuously broadcast a programmable site identifier and permission level, which enables Ventis® Pro5 Multi- Gas Monitors to automatically record locations in real time.

iAssign Beacons allow you to send out real-time, site-specific reminders to your team, set access permission reminders, and automatically track data logged events, making it easier to analyze your data and prevent hazards in the future.

RUN TIME: Four years

IP: IP65
Temperature Range: -40 °C to 50 °C

Humidity Range: 0% to 100% RH

Dimensions: 5 x 3.3 x 1.68 in (125 x 85 x 43 mm)

Weight: 9 oz (250 g)

Range: Configurable from 1 to 30 m (3 to 100 ft)

Technology: Bluetooth, Near Field Communication (NFC)

Programming Method: Assign app available in Google Play store

Accessories: Instruction card, drywall anchors, screws

Application: iAssign Beacons may be used to track locations only