DSX Docking Station

MX6DSX Pump- nstrument
DSX Docking Station - MX6DSX Instrument
Ventis DSX Instrument
Ventis DSX Pump Instrument
DSX Docking Station SafeCore
MX6DSX Pump- nstrument

The DSX Docking Station easily maintains the gas detectors that keep your people safe in hazardous environments. The DSX can monitor and order replacement gas cylinders when you need them.

With three options of data storage and features, The DSX Docking Station can manage your fleet, data, and software updates from any web-enabled device. Available as a standalone unit (DSX), cloud-connected (DSXi) or local server connected (DSX-L).

The DSX in standalone mode is a simple out-of-the-box gas detector maintenance station that requires no PC or network configuration.

  • Easy bump testing and calibration of instruments upon docking.
  • Automated record-keeping with direct USB data storage eliminates concerns about storage space or losing compliance data.
  • Calibration gas status indicators provide a warning to order replacement gas before a cylinder is empty.

Easily maintains the gas detectors that keep your people safe in hazardous environments

  • Email alerts and notifications provide information on worker exposure and instrument usage, as well as instrument service needs.
  • Stop worrying about calibration gas.The optional auto calibration gas replenishment program provides an efficient way to manage your calibration gas usage and needs. New cylinders will be shipped to you when you need them.

The DSX in local server mode provides the option to automatically store data from all docking stations behind a corporate network firewall, addressing network and data storage restrictions or preferences.

  • Bump test and calibration schedules can be tracked and set to be performed automatically, ensuring that instruments are ready for use prior to the start of a shift.
  • Automatic instrument wake-up and battery charging.
  • Company and application specific instrument settings are easily set up from within the company network.
  • Configure reports to provide the data you want, when you want it.
  • Display :
    -128 x 64 Dot Matrix LCD –
    -Multilingual modes: English, Spanish, French, German and Portuguese
  • Communication: 10 / 100 Ethernet support, RJ-45 Category 5 Connection
  • Operating Temperature Range: 0 ºC to +50 ºC / 32 ºF to 122 ºF
  • Operating Humidity Range:
    0% to 80% relative humidity (RH) up to 30 ºC (86 ºF), decreasing linearly to 50% RH at 50 ºC (122 ºF)
  • External Power Supply Ratings:
    -Supply voltage: 100-240 VAC / 12 VDC
    -Frequency range: 50-60 Hz
    -Current rating: 5A
  • Instruments Suported: GasBadge Pro, MX6 iBrid, Tango TX1, Ventis MX4, Ventis Pro Series