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Non-refillable cylinders are available for most gas mixtures, whether it is a single gas or a complex blend.

The 112DA – 112 Litre aluminium cylinder can be used for all gas types including corrosive gases such as CL2, H2S, HCN, HCL, NH3, NO, NO2, SO2, refrigerants and many others.

The 112DA is the best choice for minimizing cost of calibration gas as it provides the lowest cost per litre of all non-refillable cylinder sizes.

We are able to produce gas blends for special applications where only one cylinder may be required.

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Sewage under processing in the water treatment industry requires monitoring for Hydrogen Sulphide. Methane and Oxygen deficiency. Chlorine. Ozone and Ammonia in treatment areas must also be continuously monitored to ensure the safety of personnel and plant.

Tocsin 920, Tocsin 700 and Tocsin 903 controllers minimise cabling to Tocsin 102 or Tocsin 103 series gas detectors.

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Chemical processing and petrochemical plant can have a wide range of toxic gas hazards, flammable gas hazards or asphyxiant gas hazards. Our Tocsin 102 PID detector can provide safe low level hazardous gas detection for a very wide range of gas hazards.

Used in conjunction with our Tocsin 102 series infra red flammable gas detectors and toxic gas detectors, the plant can be safely monitored to provide early warning. Tocsin series control panels simply interface to detectors and host systems either using traditional analogue 4-20mA signals or more efficiently-using our addressable network technology.

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Many modern Doctors Surgeries, Dental Practices and Cosmetic Surgeries offer on site procedures away from hospitals. Many of these procedures use Nitrous Oxide (N2O) as an anesthesia gas or liquid Nitrogen as a freezing agent. Both can cause problems if they are not carefully monitored and controlled.

Teknokraft offer pre-calibrated and pre-wired modular systems that can be quickly fitted to provide protection. Systems can be scaled to suit the application or can have options added as requirements grow. The TOC-640 range from IGD are ideally suited to these applications. For a simple Medical Gas Detection system, where liquid Nitrogen is used in an area a pre-wired TOC-640 fitted with an Oxygen sensor to monitor for any Oxygen deletion is an effective cost effective solution. These systems ship pre-wired with a mains plug and pre-configured allowing the used to plug in and use out of the box. If the requirement expands then further detectors can be added.

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Pleasure craft and small commercial boats typically use LPG as a fuel gas for cooking and heating. Whilst it is a convenient fuel it is heavier than air gas so any leaks will accumulate inside the boat quickly forming explosive mixtures with the surrounding air. During cooking and with open flue heaters Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) can quickly build to dangerous levels. It is imperative to ensure the effective monitoring of these gases for the safety of that on-board.

TOC-10+ is a 12V DC powered LPG gas detector which is IP rated for wet environments. TOC-10+ provides an effective detection solution and can be deployed as an alarm only, stand-alone or networked with other detectors. TOC-10+ can be integrated using its onboard relays to provide gas shut off in the event of leaks.

For a more comprehensive solution IGD supply TOC-640 series controllers, Pre-fitted and configured with CO detection and external plug, and play LPG detectors. Using this system an effective monitoring solution can be scaled to fit the vessel in question. The controller bulkhead mounts with mains or DC power options.

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The laboratory can be a dangerous place. From trip hazards, flammable materials and even bio-hazards. Furthermore, there are many aspects of risk minimisation that need to be considered to create a workplace that is both safe and compliant with health and safety legislation. One particular hazard that is common to many types of laboratory, from the life sciences, to physics research, is the hazards posed by gases.

Many of our gas detectors are based upon the 2-Wire safe area addressable gas detection system with detectors for over 400 different gases. This system has a unique design that makes it quick and easy to install and can then be used for continuous gas level monitoring.

These devices utilise addressable technology, which means they can be integrated with additional detectors or networked equipment. This includes devices such as our innovative Room Status Indicators, which can be installed outside the laboratory and have a visual display showing gas concentrations inside the lab and whether or not it is safe to enter. A single status indicator can display the output from up to 8 other detectors and devices. With a colour change RGB display and internal sounder, this is the perfect solution for room entry control with clear unambiguous messages.

he two-wire design for these devices means, you have one two core cable for both power and communication. Minimal cabling but offering maximum flexibility as the detectors themselves also have interface points built in for other devices.

These can include:

  • Call points
  • analogue signals
  • relay interlocks, and much more.

It also reduces the risk of wiring mistakes as the 2 core cable connection has no specific polarity requirement. Multiple detector monitoring, alarm and interlock solutions can be quickly and efficiently configured. This makes our system especially desirable where it is recommended to have multiple detectors at different heights in the laboratory with audible visual warnings, gas interlocks and secondary monitoring.

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Typically in horticulture applications CO2 is used in elevated concentrations to promote plant growth and development. Carbon Dioxide is a basis for almost all life on earth. As a raw material CO2 is used by plants to construct the organic matter to form their tissues and structures. For this reason increasing CO2 levels artificially helps plants grow better. Typically doubling the CO2 level normally present in the atmosphere from 400ppm to 800ppm will increase herbaceous plant growth by about 30%. For woody species this increases by 50%. So clearly it is in growers interests to grow in elevated CO2 atmospheres.

Teknokraftindo Asia product are uniquely placed to provide addressable O2 detection. This allows up to 32 devices (typically in this case CO2 detectors) to run from one common cable (highway). When linked to one of our range of addressable controllers this allows precise control, in and out of band for the CO2 level. At the same time Oxygen levels can be monitored as well as temperature and humidity. All addressable and all back to the same controller for a neat system solution.

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The bulk transportation and on-board processing of CNG. LPG and Crude Oil present many flammable or toxic gas hazards in the marine industry. The aggressive marine environment also presents many challenges for instrumentation.

Tocsin 102 series of flammable and toxic gas detectors provide the perfect gas monitoring solution. In addressable format the network capability of the Tocsin 102 detectors greatly reduces cabling and improves reliability.

The stainless steel version of the JB3 ATEX terminal box provides excellent corrosion resistance. Used in conjunction with the 19” rack mount Tocsin

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Requirements for commercial kitchen gas supplies are very important. These standards and guidance notes are very prescriptive defining the use of gas safety proving systems, gas detection and ventilation interlocks.

PGF-30 Gas Interlock and Gas Detection panel, is a modular solution for kitchen gas safety, utilising RFID technology. The controller and its supplied pressure transmitter is used to control the gas supply to the kitchen via a gas solenoid valve. The controller ‘proves’ the integrity of the downstream kitchen gas supply by introducing a small amount of gas and then monitoring the pressure to ‘prove’ the system is leak tight. When the controller determines all is well the main supply is switched on. Should the pressure fall then the system will alert to check for leaks (open gas taps etc). PGF-30 uses a pressure transducer to directly measure the kitchen gas pressure and does not use more common pressure switches.

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Breweries, distilleries, and bottling plants all have significant gas detection hazards. These come primarily from Ethanol production in distilleries or Carbon Dioxide (CO2) in breweries and bottling plants. In many installation, Nitrogen is also employed which would be an asphyxiate in the event of leaks.

IGD has solutions to suit these applications either in an ATEX format with our Tocsin 102 Series detectors or using TOC-30 or Tocsin 103 series detectors for non-ATEX areas. Our controllers and HMI display screen offer an ideal process-based solution for hazard monitoring. Contact our team for professional help and advice.

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As humans breathe they produce Carbon Dioxide that results in challenges for ventilation in buildings to ensure the good breathing air quality. Normal background levels of CO2 are around 400ppm (Parts Per Million). In populated rooms CO2 levels can quickly rise above this level if action to ventilate is inadequate. As CO2 levels in a room rise beyond 1000ppm then people working there will start to suffer drowsiness, headaches or loss of concentration. Whilst not immediately life-threatening levels between 1000-5000ppm will result in an uncomfortable environment with poor air quality and contribute significantly to ‘sick building syndrome’.

Building Bulletin 100 addresses this issue for teaching establishments by setting an upper limit on CO2 at 1000ppm.

TOC-20 from IGD is specifically targeted at room air quality measuring CO2, Temperature and Humidity levels. TOC-20 can be used as a stand-alone system for simple applications or integrated into a wider building management system. TOC-20 is equipped with analogue signal outputs, addressable communications and relay outputs. With its RGB LCD display and built in sounder TOC-20 covers all requirements from simple single room stand alone application through to fully networked systems.

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Refrigeration is the process of mechanically reducing the temperature of a space, product or process. To achieve this the process of refrigeration uses a heat pump of some kind and a working fluid. Most industrial refrigeration plant’s work using a heat pump operating a vapour compression cycle (Carnot cycle).

There are a number of working fluids that can be used in the refrigeration cycle. Until they were banned for their Ozone-depleting effects CFC’s or ChloroFluoroCarbons were employed as highly effective refrigerant gases.

CFCs have since been replaced by HCFCs, HFC’s and PFC’s. Whilst many are not Ozone-depleting many have global warming potentials up to a thousand times greater than CO2. In response to this refrigerants are now also classified by their CO2 equivalence. In Europe F Regulations (Fluorinated Hydrocarbons) are in place which mandates the use of Gas Detection for Refrigeration or other leak detection methods to quickly detect leaks in refrigeration systems. The F Gas regulations have been re-issued in 2015 and limit the use of HFC’s due to their capacity for global warming if released.

The new F Gas Regulations which came into force on 1st January 2015 place restrictions on the use of certain HFC refrigerants in certain applications. R404A, for example, is one of a number of refrigerants which will be most affected by the new regulations.

Typical HCFC Refrigerant Gases being phased out include:

  • R22
  • R404a
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Flammable gas detection protects your family and home from explosion hazards. These can arise from leaking pipework, poor installations and appliance defects. Importantly flammable gas detector will also detect releases of gas where hobs and similar burners have been switched on but not lit.

TOC-10 series of domestic flammable gas detectors are designed to provide an effective alarm for flammable gas detection. TOC-10 can be implemented as a simple stand-alone alarm or its in built control capability can be linked to gas valves, alarm systems or monitoring stations.

Similarly there are many domestic applications for shared occupancy, landlords, care in the community, student accommodation etc where a stand-alone detector is inappropriate. In these cases where stand-alone or battery powered monitors are inappropriate a permanently powered solution is required.

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Underground car park gas detection is commonly fitted for environmental protection and energy cost saving. If there is no exhaust gas pollution present, then ventilation rates can be reduced to save energy. The building regulations specify what is required to maintain safe conditions, specifically section F which highlights the gas detection. This is a very effective energy reduction solution, provided the air quality is correctly monitored with suitable gas detectors.

Teknokraft can help design effective systems utilising our extensive experience of these applications. We regularly supply systems for carbon monoxide monitoring (CO), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) and Flammable gases such as LPG detection (for enclosed car park applications). This is dependent upon the client’s requirements and vehicle profiles.

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Gas-fired boiler plant requires careful consideration in relation to gas detection. Boiler plant rooms can range from small boilers in a school/office block to larger installations.

Typical leak detection could be for Natural Gas (Methane), LPG or other fuel gases. Teknokraftindo Asia also provide monitors for Carbon Monoxide or CO2 detection in boiler plant rooms where products of combustion can be an issue. Additionally, where boiler flues pass through other rooms before venting then Carbon Monoxide detectors must be fitted to mitigate for leaking flues. We can provide both turnkey solutions from design to install and aftercare. Or you can buy online, and you will only require regular service (no install engineer required).

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