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The Implementation of HSE in Teknokraftindo Asia

HSE (Health, Safety, Environment) or in the Indonesian language is K3 is a condition in a healthy and safe work and life, be it for workers, companies or for the community and the environment around the factory or workplace. Occupational health and safety is also an effort to prevent any unsafe actions or conditions that can lead to accidents.

The implementation of HSE is the part that controls the factors that can affect a person’s health, then one’s safety at work and the environment can be maintained properly without environmental pollution. The existence of an HSE section in a company is not without reason but there are laws and regulations that oblige a company to follow the applicable rules regarding Work Safety, namely Law No.1 of 1970 concerning Work Safety.

We have implemented all the laws and regulations in the Teknokraftindo Asia (Teknokraft) office and workshop. We always analyze every job that has a high risk of accidents at work. Every job at Teknokraftindo Asia has a different HSE plan, with the aim of minimizing risky things in the future.

We also always audit all work equipment, audit internal and external, provide special HSE training, and always evaluate all safety applications, so that all work according to standardized HSE regulations in Teknokraft.