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The Benefits of Wireless Gas Detection

The benefits of Wireless gas detector

In any mining operation, uncharted areas must be investigated and assessed to ensure both structural integrity and complete employee safety.

In these instances, mining operatives or other workers all industry need a wireless and portable gas detection solution that can provide real-time analysis of the atmosphere, and connect to a mine-wide gas detection system or other industry, giving them complete control over operations.

Wireless gas detection technology is used to provide an early warning of the presence of toxic gas leading to enhanced personnel safety. Monitoring remote areas is typically very difficult and dangerous. It is often cost prohibitive to install and operate conventional gas detection systems at these sites. Wireless gas monitors help to solve a critical safety problem in remote applications both reliably and cost-effectively.

A wireless gas detection uses a gas sensor module to monitor for the presence of toxic gas. The gas sensor module may consist of an electrochemical sensor inside a sensor module installed into the transmitter housing. Electrochemical gas sensors consist of a set of electrodes separated by electrolyte material. When the target gas is present inside the sensor housing, it oxidizes or reduces on the sensing electrode creating an electric signal across the cell which is interpreted by the transmitter and converted into a wireless-enabled signal.

Wireless devices in mining operations, connectivity and security has always been a major issue, as losing connections to a device during an operation can instantly put workers at risk. While at Teknokraftindo Asia Wireless Gas Detector the safety aspect of a wireless gas detection unit is always going to be the main focus, cost effectiveness and improvement at working to using these wireless gas detector.