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New Normal During Covid – 19 Pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic or Covid-19 is a challenge currently being faced by the entire world. However, some countries have carried out activities with “new normal” regulations and have kept their distance to interact so that there is no virus spread.

What is New Normal? Changes in behavior to continue carrying out normal activities are accompanied by implementing health protocols to prevent transmission of Covid-19. During the transition to the New Normal, the Government of Indonesia began to allow every business sector to carry out activities in the office. Of course this application with the health protocol recommended by the Government.

By implementing a “new normal” the government can restore the economic system, increase the productivity of the community, and can reduce layoffs that occur.

Teknokraftindo Asia has implemented “new normal” regulations for all our employees. We also ensure that our customers can provide the best service during this pandemic. We provide various ways so that the efficiency of our services can satisfy customers.