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International Gas Detector (IGD) and Teknokraft Officially Partnership as Official Distributor in Indonesia


Teknokraftindo Asia (Teknokraft) are proudly to announce our new partnership with International Gas Detectors (IGD). This partnership makes PT Teknokraftindo Asia as an official distributor in Indonesia market pioneering with the enhanced 2-Wire Addressable gas detection equipment. Teknokraftindo Asia will provide the benefit from IGD’s  state of the art gas monitoring technology; which provides both reduced cost whilst increasing safety and flexibility for Indonesia market. Teknokraft also provide sensors for over 400 gases and vapours, ensuring they have the best offering for all clients.

Our Executive Director, Paul Renon says “After going over 21 years on the gas detection system business for both portable and fixed system it is a joy to finally find a system (IGD) that are both easy to use, and provide a level of sophistication which can comply to customer needs on every level of coverage. I am certain that this new partnership and technology will not only be beneficial for us but for any customers as well and the hope that they will feel safer during their professional activities. I am eager to spread the noise since it is not also our duty to educate the customer but also to provide them with a safe and reliable equipment knowing that they have a dedicated, experienced team of professional behind them.”

Despite the global pandemic and lockdown, IGD have been able to provide remote training to Teknokraft.; utilising our “industry first” online 24/7 training academy and the use of video conference software and demonstration equipment. This now provides their engineers with the knowledge to be able to provide full turnkey projects and aftercare service. The academy also allows our engineers to continually keep up to date with the latest product developments.

“Its great to partner with people who are as enthusiastic and professional as ourselves. Successful companies care for their clients, always putting them first providing the best possible solutions and service. We certainly see that in Teknokraft” IGD’s Managing Director, Andrew Collier said.

Some of the key benefits of this partnership include:

  • Industry leading 2-Wire Addressable gas detection equipment for the Indonesian market.
  • Local support from Teknokraft. We have provided full training and demonstration equipment to enable Teknokraft to provide full turnkey project support and aftersales services.
  • Teknokraftindo Asia providing with an extensive and diverse range of gas detection equipment. Including fixed sensors for over 400 gases and vapours including industry leading long-life sensor technology from IGD.